The Outsiders
      by S.E. Hinton
Legend has it that Susan Eloise Hinton was
failing her high school English class when she
penned the novel, '
The Outsiders'.  She
apparently wrote the book because she felt
that there wasn't a lot of relevant fiction for
young adults.  '
The Outsiders', her first novel,
set her on the path to becoming one of modern
America's most revered authors.  Over the
past few decades she has written for many
audiences including children, adults, and
adolescents.  In fact, in April 2007 she had a
collection of short stories published.
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In 1983 a film version of 'The Outsiders' was released.  The film was
directed by legendary Oscar winning director, Francis Ford Coppola.  
Coppola's original vision of the movie was apparently cut and edited
due to pressure from the studio.  Later, in 2006, Coppola re-edited
the movie back to his original vision.  This vision, entitled, "
Outsiders: The Complete Novel (Director's Cut)
" was released as a
special two disc DVD set.

The Outsiders' has also been produced as a stage version in theaters
around the United States.  It was also a short-lived, but critically
television series.

Forty years after its initial publication, '
The Outsiders' remains
relevant and continues to engage young readers.  In fact, in a recent
interview with magazine
Vanity Fair, VanityS.E. Hinton commented that,
"...the uniforms change, the names change, but the groups go on

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